Once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes, we will come to you to give you more information, show you lots of pictures of our happy campers, beautiful setting and facilities, and our fun and exciting activities. We will answer all your questions! We guarantee you will get a high comfort level and be excited about joining us at West End House Camp!

While the social distancing recommendations are in effect, we will connect with you via technology to give you a virtual tour and answer all of your questions.

Please contact Steve Lepler at steve@westendhousecamp.org or 781-784-5703 if you would like to connect with us one way or another!


Seeing is believing! If you are a prospective camper and family who have not yet seen what a beautiful camp we have, please come and visit us in southern Maine. We completed a round of tours in mid-October. We’d like to rendezvous with you there as well! Those who see us realize that we are the most picturesque, modern, and comfortable camp around. You will also get a sense of West End House Camp’s unique history and tradition.


We are still planning to give tours at camp, though some are pushed back a week from the original schedule. Tours will be held:

Saturday, 4/18 at 11, 2, or 4

Sunday, 4/19 at 11 or 2

Monday, 4/20 at 11

Our setting is beautiful and pristine, especially since it has not been used since last August. The very small group tours will be enjoyable, personal, and safe. New and prospective families, contact Steve Lepler at steve@westendhousecamp.org or 781-784-5703 to reserve a slot, and then he will be in touch if there are any modifications in the schedule.

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