I was able to catch up recently with our friend Ross Israel, a fourth year camper from Newton, MA (pictured below on left with Ben Goldberg), and asked him “What do you love about WEHC?” Here is what he had to say:

“What I love most has to be the community and brotherhood. Since West End is relatively small, everyone knows everyone. So the campers have close relationships with all the other campers and the staff as well. I also love the tradition at West End, because it shows how strong the West End community is. We are able to keep some of the same great activities running for 50+ years with no end in sight! Also the day to day activities at camp are great. I like having a mix of waterfront and sports (leagues) every day. The big events like World Cup, Desert War and Color War are amazing ways to add a bit of variety to the schedule and every year I look forward to them. Not only are the structured activities great, but just hanging out in the bunk is one of my favorite aspects of camp too. Whether you’re playing cards or rafter baseball, you’re always having a good time. Overall, the camaraderie of all the West Enders and the alumni is something I will never forget.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks a lot Ross!

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