What was your first year at camp, and who or what brought you to WEHC? My first year at camp was 2013, and my Dad (Matthew Bloch) introduced me to camp as he was a former camper and counselor. 

Do you have a nickname at camp?

Everyone calls me Jonah!

How many years have you attended camp as a camper and counselor? 

I was a camper for 8 years, and am getting ready for my third year on staff. 

What are your first memories of West End? 

My first camp memory was our waterfront director Danny Walsh taking my brother Riley, myself, and a few other kids tubing on the second day of camp in 2013.

What were your favorite camp activities as a camper? As a counselor?

As a camper my favorite activity was Color War, and as a counselor my favorite activity is Watermelon. Watermelon is my favorite camp activity because you’re on the same team as your brothers and cousins, and everyone plays, staff included!

What is your favorite meal in the mess hall?

My favorite meal at camp is chicken fingers.

What is your favorite camp memory?

Winning Desert War as a coach and painting Desert War Rock!

What is it that keeps you coming back to WEHC? 

Getting to be with all my friends, and crossing more things off my camp bucket list. 

What is your favorite Color War memory? 

My favorite Color War memory is making the game winning basket in mid-senior basketball on the White Showtime.

What is a life lesson you learned from going to West End House Camp?

Through going to West End House Camp, I have learned how to work as a team. Whether it be cleaning the bunk with your cabin as a camper, running night activities with other staff, and so much more. 

Steve Lepler and Bill Margolin mean a lot to so many people, how have they had an influence on your life? 

To me, Bill represents what West End house Camp is all about. If you ask anyone at Old Timers’ Week, they always have a story about Bill. Steve has had an influence on me too, and is a big reason I love our Sunday night activity tradition, Watermelon.

What does it mean to be ‘one of the boys’, and how important is that to you? 

To be one of the boys means that no matter if you know someone personally or not, if you have that WEHC connection, there’s instantly something to talk about that connects you. 

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