What is your role at camp?

This year I will be a staff member as a Senior Counselor.

When was your first year at WEHC, and who or what brought you?

My first year at West End was 2018, and (long time camper/counselor and High Senior Captain) Carl Headges brought me to camp.

How many years have you attended as a camper and counselor?

I was a camper for 3 years, and this summer will be my 3rd year on staff. So this will be my 6th year

Prince with Jeremiah Rosa and Jake Ritchie

What are your first memories at West End?

My first memory at camp was debating with my counselor Aidan Connelly about rap music artists and who was better between Joyner Lucas and Logic. It is also ironic because later Joyner and Logic ended up having a beef of their own. 

What were your favorite camp activities as a camper? As a counselor?

My favorite camp activity as a camper was definitely Color War, such a fun experience that doesn’t leave any part of camp out, pretty much like a summary of camp would be color war (sports, swimming , team, creativity, etc) . As a counselor, my favorite activity so far has been coaching ESPN Night. It is a really fun event that allows high senior basketball to determine it all and the level of intensity for a night activity is unmatched.

What is your favorite meal in the mess hall?

My favorite meal would have to be chicken tenders.

What is your favorite camp memory?

My favorite memory would have to be the cabin 1A trip in 2019. That trip was amazing. 1A was the best team in the activity Auction Part II, so we were able to win the top prize of a trip to Old Orchard Beach. This prize ended up being an extremely fun day, and a great experience. 

Prince coaching Princeton (Roberts)

What is it that keeps you coming back to WEHC?

My motives for returning to West End currently are to see my camp friends, and help the campers become better athletes over the summer, and watch them be better people every year. Watching people you saw as 8-10 year olds become 15 and be the best leaders and athletes at camp is a ton of fun. Also, camp bucket list.

What is the best Color War memory you have?

My best Color War memory has to be 2019 overall, especially day 5 and the war being so close. No one knew who was going to win, and that made it such an amazing experience.

What is a life lesson you learned from going to West End House Camp?

A life lesson I have learned from West End: the more effort you put into things the better the results will be. This is displayed especially on staff, the more you invest as a staff man in your campers, and maximizing their experience, the better the year will be for both you and them. Putting in great amounts of effort will drastically improve the bunk and culture of certain things regarding your cabin.

Prince hanging out with the Hahn twins (Tyler and Alex) who come from San Diego, CA

Steve Lepler and Bill Margolin mean a lot to so many people, how have they had an influence on your life?

Steve has always been a great person, giving me a lot of opportunity to be able to go to camp and being so comforting to my family. Bill and I have a connection that stems from being alumni of the same high school (Boston Latin). It is always fun getting to hear someone who had a similar experience as me, share their stories and display such a great level of intelligence and wisdom.

What does it mean to be ‘one of the boys’, and how important is that to you?

Being one of the boys means having a community that is willing to always support you, and having a strong connection and friendship with people who you shared 2-8 weeks with each year. The connections built at WEHC are lifelong and incredible friendships. So to me, being one of the boys is extremely important.

Can you give an example of a random West End run in or connection you’ve had outside of camp? 

Never knew this until a few days ago but a guidance counselor/varsity basketball coach (Jean “Jerry” Etiene) at my school used to go to West End House Camp when he was younger. This was just another occurrence of many connections outside of camp I’ve had. Ryan Wilensky was able to find an old video of him playing hoops.

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