What is your role at camp this summer?

I am a senior counselor in charge of making sure of the safety of the campers, but also having fun, helping them with their wants and needs, and also teaching them life lessons once in a while. This summer I will also be a lifeguard.

When was your first year at WEHC, and who or what brought you?

My first year was last summer, in 2022. I discovered camp myself through an ad I saw online for West End House Camp.

What are your first memories of West End House Camp?

My first memory is being picked up at the airport by Steve Dancey and meeting the other counselors that he was picking up as well. 

What are your favorite camp activities?

My favorite activities at camp are soccer, basketball, and paddleboarding. 

What is your favorite meal in the mess hall?

It was the South African food we had in honor of the winning World Cup team from camp last. My family is from Senegal, and it reminded me of Senegalese food. 

What is your favorite camp memory?

My favorite camp memory would be helping out with Color War water polo. It was more intense than I thought, and all the matches were entertaining. Also, spending time in the staff lounge at night with all the counselors, playing games and having a blast bonding. 

What is it that keeps you coming back to WEHC?

Everyone is one big family, I love that because it means everyone is united at the end of the day. Even when things go wrong, people are there to help you, and find a solution. 

Do you have a favorite Color War memory to share?

I loved the Apache Relay! The idea is simple and fun, and the teams get so into it. When I watched it and how the counselors were coaching, it felt like the final of a sports competition. I was a ref and I could feel the tension in the air. 

A life lesson you have learned from going to West End House Camp?

Don’t take anything too seriously. I remember when I first got to camp as a senior counselor and wanted to be respected by the campers. I was trying to be too strict, and one day I heard something that made me rethink my attitude. Camp was much more fun after that!

Bill Margolin means a lot to so many people, how has he had an influence on you?

He has influenced me by setting a great example. One night the campers in my cabin were up a little late, laughing and having a fun time. I was also having fun with them and lost track of time and of the noise level. Bill came to our cabin and kindly asked me to make less noise because it’s late. He said “It’s okay if you talk, but please be mindful of the people around you.” The way he said it was very respectful and I appreciated that approach. 

Can you give an example of a random West End run in or connection you’ve had outside of camp?

I haven’t had a random run in, but I have stayed connected with my camp friends on social media. Every once in a while I see what people are up to and we catch up. 

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