What is your role at camp this summer?

This will be my sixth year as a camper at WEHC. 

When was your first year at WEHC, and who or what brought you?

My first year at camp was 2019, and my dad Josh, a WEHC alumni, introduced me. 

Do you have a nickname at camp?

Mendy, after my last name Mendelsohn. 

How many years have you attended as a camper and counselor?

I have attended WEHC for 5 years as a camper. 

What are your first memories of West End House Camp?

My first memory of camp was before I was a camper, and my friend Sam and I were visiting camp with our dads. We stayed in the Burnes cabin and were on our beds singing “5 Little Monkeys”. 🙂

What are your favorite camp activities?

My favorite activities at camp are tubing on Long Pond, and Watermelon on the Big Diamond!

What is your favorite meal in the mess hall?

Friday night pizza!!

What is your favorite camp memory?

My favorite camp memory is going “600 Club” and winning Color War on the White Diablo! It was the biggest win I have ever had at camp. 

What is it that keeps you coming back to WEHC?

My friends! Especially the ones in my bunk. We have been together for years. 

Can you share a funny story from or about camp?

During my first Color War at camp I was playing basketball, and my best friend Ace, who was on the other team, said he was their best defensemen. During the game, I faked him out and he tripped over himself and I scored. We both found it funny later 🙂

What is the best Color War memory you have?

Winning on Diablo, and going 600 Club. 

A life lesson you learned from going to West End House Camp?

Do not play basketball against Ace. He’s actually really good. Ha!

Bill Margolin means a lot to so many people, how has he had an influence on your life?

Bill is a big reason why I felt comfortable at West End. Without him, I don’t know if I would be here!

What does it mean to be ‘one of the boys’, and how important is that to you?

It means that if you go to West End, you are part of an important and strong community. 

Can you give an example of a random West End run in or connection you’ve had outside of camp?

I was on vacation with my family a few years ago with my parents, and we ended up on the same plane as our friends from camp, the Bloch’s (Jonah, Riley and Brady)!

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