Dear West End House Camp Parents,

Here is the latest update on how we are planning a safe and fun summer.

We are taking extra steps before camp and at arrival to keep COVID away from camp, and we need your help!

Before Camp:

  • Please be cautious and engage in low-risk activities. Please avoid crowded areas, especially indoors, and limit your exposure to large groups as much as you can. 


  • All campers (no exceptions) are required to arrive at camp with a Negative PCR test result. Please take the test on Wednesday 6/22 or Thursday 6/23.
  • Here are some resources if you live in Massachusetts or Maine to find PCR testing sites near you.

Arrival to Camp:

  • There are NO buses going from Boston to camp in Maine. Parents will drive their camper(s) to Maine on Sunday 6/26. Please contact Ryan Wilensky if you need support getting your son to camp.
  • A schedule with your designated arrival time will be emailed to you soon (brothers will generally arrive at the time slot of the youngest brother). Please help us by arriving at your designated time!
  • In general, these are the windows to arrive in Maine:
West End House Camp
294 Road Between The Ponds
Parsonsfield, Maine 04047
Arrival TimeAge
12:30 – 2:00pm14 & 15
2:00 – 3:30pm12 & 13
3:30 – 4:30pm10 & 11
4:30 – 5:00pm 7, 8, & 9
  • Upon arrival to camp at your dedicated time, please drive up the hill, past the main entrance, to the ballfields for Rapid Testing and screening.
  • We’ll follow this plan.

Please remember these important items:

  • Printout or screenshot of your son(s) Negative PCR test result
  • Bring lunch, dinner is served approximately at 5:30pm
  • Please put any Medication (including over the counter) in a ziplock bag with your son’s name on it. Do not put it inside his luggage
  • Complete your Health Profile on CampDoc
  • Tell us ahead of time if an adult other than the Legal Guardian is driving your son(s) to camp
  • We’ll have very limited restroom access at camp to maintain our distancing/bubble. Please use the restroom before you arrive at camp. The last restroom before camp coming from Massachusetts is at Lakeside Market in East Waterboro (20 minutes from camp) or the Sokokis Lookout in Limerick just beyond Limerick Center. From Maine is Walgreen’s in Cornish, ME.
  • If your son has any illness symptoms, please don’t bring him to camp on June 26th.  Call us (207-625-9365) and we will work on arrangements to get him to camp, when he no longer has symptoms, so that he does not need to miss camp.

Thank you for helping us have a great camp season! Please contact us with any questions. Don’t forget to check out our Packing List and how to organize your son’s Locker (Graphic Organizer).

We look forward to seeing you all soon!