S.P.I.R.I.T. of the House

Social, Perseverance, Independence, Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork

Social goals: Communicating and creating meaningful relationships.

  • Campers will establish meaningful friendships with other campers. 
  • Find a positive role model amongst counselors and camp staff.
  • Be encouraged to express their feelings constructively.

Perseverance goals: Continued effort toward achievement

  • Campers will display a willingness to learn new skills and participate in new opportunities.
  • Improve on several skills (ex. swimming, waterskiing, archery, fitness, athletics).
  • Receive affirmation for skill area achievement(s) through praise, smiles, high fives, fist bumps, camp announcements and formal awards at the end of each session and the end of the summer.

Independence goals: Learning and applying life skills

  • Campers will organize and take care of their personal space and belongings 
  • Participate in daily cabin clean-up.
  • Achieve all daily hygiene goals including brushing teeth, changing clothing and showering.
  • Participate in overall beautification of the camp.  Examples include “reverse littering” (picking up trash), returning clothing, putting equipment away and other opportunities.

Responsibility goals: Being accountable to yourself and others

  • Campers will give respect to peers, camp staff, environment and personal belongings and receive the same respect in turn. 
  • Respect and receive appropriate privacy.
  • Follow the daily schedule of camp events by arriving promptly with the appropriate attire.

Integrity goals: Honesty with sound moral character

  • Campers will follow safety rules and follow the direction of staff. 
  • Own their actions/attitudes and apologize for any wrongdoing.
  • Abide by the golden rule, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”
  • Welcome the differences of others and embrace other(s) individuality.

Teamwork goals: Working for a common cause

  • Campers will work together towards a common goal.
  • Learn to effectively communicate with others.
  • Learn positive techniques for problem solving.