“My son loves the camaraderie and the friends he makes – it’s a place where he’s really, really happy. Giving them wings and letting them go is the best thing ever.”

Jacky (mom of Ben, at WEHC for 5 years)

“I love how he talks about it constantly, and how he can’t wait to go back. We started off at four weeks, then six, now eight, and it’s all been Jack’s choice – and that’s been the best part.”

Jennifer (mom of Jack, at WEHC for 5 years)

“The best part of the camp is the brotherhood – there’s a loving family right there. If they could live there all year, I think they would.”

Carolyn (mom of Sam and Ben, both at WEHC for 10+ years)

“I like that they are unplugged, so it forces them to interact with their peers. My son has become a lot more mature since going to Camp.”

Lisa (mom of Austin, at WEHC for 8 years)