As we near the would be last day of camp, I wanted to send a huge thank you to West End House Camp. ACE was beyond bummed when camp was cancelled, but from day one, West End did an amazing job planning an amazing summer for the boys. Every weekday for 8 weeks, West End held 3 to 4 hours of different virtual activities to keep the boys connected and entertained. From games to STEM activities to “WEHC News” to bunk meet- ups, the events were diverse, fun, and engaging.
This effort is the embodiment of West End House Camp where….“When you’re one of the boys, you’re always one of the boys and you’ll always go through.” Despite the trying circumstances, West End “went through” and was there for the boys like it always has been for 112 years. And all this planning and participation from camp leadership and counselors was at no cost to families.
In a summer when it would have been easy to pack it in or do the bare minimum and focus on 2021, the “Spirit of the House” rose to the occasion once again.
Thank you Bill, Steve Lepler, Ryan Wilensky, Josh Daigle, Allan, Ellen, Joe C, Griffin, and all the other counselors for the hours and hours you gave to make this summer a memorable one for ACE and the boys.