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In the foothills of the White Mountains on the southern Maine side, there is a remarkably modern and beautiful 112 year old camp with a legacy of camaraderie, teamwork, tradition, experiential outdoor learning, and personal growth:
West End House Camp.

We are an overnight summer camp for approximately 125 boys at a time, ages 7-15, for 2, 4, 6, or 8 week sessions throughout the summer. We focus our days’ activities on the waterfront, sports, and games and challenges. We have the perfect combination of rotating campers through the wide variety of activities we have, while still having elective time where the boys can do more of what they like best.

West End House Camp campers become more independent, self-confident, responsible, and social without even realizing it! We are known for our continuity and the passion that campers develop for the camp and the lifelong friendships that quickly evolve. While many of our campers have been coming for years (as did some of their fathers and grandfathers), we are a very welcoming and comfortable place that enrolls many dozen newcomers each year. Additionally, our long-time, dedicated staff and counselors are almost all former West End House Camp campers, so we know how to make sure the campers feel supported and nurtured in their first or their fifth year!

West End House Camp is also known for the diversity and quality of our campers! We welcome boys from many different states and countries. We are diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, religion, family situations, and socioeconomic status, and we are proud of this! We emphasize mutual respect and equal opportunity for all.

Sadly, because of COVID-19, the 2020 season at camp in Maine is canceled. Read our May 13 announcement here. Read our May 19 updates here. More info is in our June newsletter here.

We are starting our HOUSE at Home virtual camp program! If you are a veteran camper, were going to be a rookie camper this summer, or are a prospective camper for 2021, join us this summer for free! See all you need to know about HOUSE at Home here!


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Each year we put together an extensive yearbook called the Spirit. Here is the 2019 version! Enjoy! You will get a very clear picture of all that goes on that is fun, exciting, valuable, and memorable! Speaking of pictures, here and here are the many cover pictures! 

West End House Camp seems like a great match for your son!? Chat with Director Steve Lepler right now about this. We are waiting for you to join the West End House Camp family!

Email steve@westendhousecamp.org

or call 617-783-2267 or 781-784-5703!



“My son loves the camaraderie and the friends he makes – it’s a place where he’s really, really happy. Giving them wings and letting them go is the best thing ever.”

Jacky (mom of Ben, at WEHC for 5 years)

“I like that they are unplugged, so it forces them to interact with their peers. My son has become a lot more mature since going to Camp.”

Lisa (mom of Austin, at WEHC for 8 years)

“I love how he talks about it constantly, and how he can’t wait to go back. We started off at four weeks, then six, now eight, and it’s all been Jack’s choice – and that’s been the best part.”

Jennifer (mom of Jack, at WEHC for 5 years)

“The best part of the camp is the brotherhood – there’s a loving family right there. If they could live there all year, I think they would.”

Carolyn (mom of Sam and Ben, both at WEHC for 10+ years)

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