Wondering how come West End House Camp is such a great deal? Wondering what to pack? Wondering what to do if your son wants to stay an extra session even though you miss him and he misses you?

Q. West End House Camp looks amazing!

A. West End House Camp is a private non-profit organization, overseen by a Board of Directors, all volunteers and mostly former campers and counselors. Our facility, programs, and tradition are better than camps that are much more expensive. Our goal is to get quality kids on board and have them become part of our family. We are proud that West End House Camp is such a great value.

Q. Where can I see a copy of the West End House Camp Yearbook?

A. Each year we put together an extensive yearbook called the Spirit. Here is the link to the present and past Spirit Yearbooks. You will get a very clear picture of all that goes on that is fun, exciting, and memorable!

Q. Why do we have the option of 2 week sessions?

A. Our 2 week session is reserved for Rookies/First timers. However, many first timers also sign up for 3, 4, or even 7 weeks! We like to give options to meet each camper’s needs.

Q. Where do the campers come from?

A. About 70 percent come from Massachusetts, approximately 30 towns, with boys from Sharon, Newton, Lynnfield, Westboro, Brookline, Natick, Framingham, Boston, etc. Many different states are represented as well, including New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, North Carolina, California, Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia. We have many international campers from places like Spain, France, China, England, Ukraine, Japan, Colombia, Germany, and Israel. We pride ourselves in the quality of our campers and our diversity!

Q. How many boys are at camp?

A. Enrollment is generally about 120-130 boys at a time. However, with the many session options we offer, each summer there will be a total of approximately 230 campers. We are known for being a small, welcoming, and comfortable community.

Q. What about diversity at West End House Camp?

A. West End House Camp is known for the diversity and quality of our campers! We welcome boys from many different states and countries. We are diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, religion, family situations, and socioeconomic status, and we are proud of this! We emphasize mutual respect and equal opportunity for all.

Q. I wish I could send my daughter to West End House Camp!?

A. There is an excellent camp for girls that is on our same lake and is very much aligned with our value, values, tradition, and schedule. Check out West End House Girls Camp for your daughter and share this good news with any other families who have both boys and girls or just girls!

Q. What is the typical daily schedule at West End House Camp?

A. The typical daily schedule:

7:45 Wake up
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Cabin clean up
9:30-11:30 Team Sports
11:30-12:30 Elective time to do each camper’s activity he most prefers
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Rest period
2:15-4:15 Waterfront activities and individual sports
4:15-5:30 Elective time to do each camper’s activity he most prefers
5:30 Dinner
6:30-8:00 Evening Activity- Games and Challenges
8:15 Cake and Milk- extra snack
8:30 Back to cabin to have fun with bunkmates and prepare for bed.
10:00 Bedtime- though boys who are tired can go to bed after the evening activity

There are several variations of this when there are special activities, but the most typical day looks like the above.

Q. My son wants to go, but we (the parents) are nervous. Or, we know that camp will be a great experience for our son, but he is reluctant to attend. What do we do?

A. Parents and children should discuss this among themselves and view this web site together, arrange to meet one of the directors at your home, attend (if possible) the October or April Open House in Maine or the Annual Camp Breakfast in January, and/or arrange to meet other incoming new campers and their families. Consider a two week option as a way to start off slowly without a long term, major commitment.

Q. I want to call my son, but that is not allowed. Why?

A. The sound of a parent’s voice on the phone can cause an emotional reaction by a camper who otherwise has been quite happy with his experience. Phone calls can be disruptive if a camper is at an activity. Parents are asked to communicate by mail, one way email, or feel free to call one of the directors to check on their son’s wellbeing. Occasionally for campers who are with us for a longer stay and for whom homesickness is clearly not an issue, we may arrange a time for a phone call. Please send letters/packages to:

West End House Camp
c/o (your son’s name)
294 Road Between the Ponds
Parsonsfield, ME 04047

Q. My son is really enjoying himself at camp; I wish I had enrolled him for a longer period of time. Can anything be done this summer?

A. If a camper is enjoying his stay and it is a rewarding experience for all concerned, it is often possible (space permitting) to extend him for a period of time. However, keep in mind that we have been more full than ever, so the only way to guarantee a slot is by booking it in advance.

Q. I want to visit my son at camp, but the one Visiting Day listed just doesn’t work for me. May I visit at another time?

A. The answer is most likely yes for 4, 6, or 8 weekers, but please check first with the directors. For 2 weekers, the answer is most likely no, as your son will be rejoining you at home very soon, as the 2 weeks go by quickly!

Q. What should I pack?

A. Check out our Packing List HERE

Q. What if my son has a nut allergy?

West End House Camp is nut aware, and our policy is that no nut products are allowed on campus.

Q. What if my son has a food allergy?

When completing registration on CampDoc, type in all food allergies that your son has. That information is given directly to our chefs who have a master list and will offer a substitute meal for your son.

Q. What are the bunks like?

A. The bunks are large, modern, and comfortable. There is a bathroom with a private hot shower in each cabin! We have 12 cabins and each one holds 10-12 boys of similar ages and 3 or 4 counselors who also sleep in the bunk. There are mostly single beds, and occasionally a couple of bunkbeds. People who see our facilities are amazed at how nice they are! This is what an overnight camp for boys should look like!

Q. What are the driving directions?

A. Please click here to view and print directions.

Q. Where can I find instructions for viewing photos and sending one way bunknote emails to my son via bunk1.com?

A. Click here.

Q. Where can I find the Notice of Bus Departures and Arrivals and Other Important Information?

A. Click here

Q. Where can I find more information about Visiting Day?

A. The Visiting Day flyer with more information will be available soon.

Q. How do I get you my son’s medical information in preparation for the season?

A. We now use the CampDoc system. Shortly after you enroll your son for the current season, you will get an email with simple and clear instructions. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Q. Where can I see the West End House Camp email newsletters that are sent out regularly?

A. You can sign up yourself to receive them. CLICK HERE to view the latest newsletter.