Thank you for your interest in working at West End House Camp. When you come to West End, you can expect support, encouragement, and advice from our Leadership Team. You will also be working in a beautiful ”office” with views of towering trees and pristine lake waterfront.

If you are applying for a counselor position, please read our Benefits of Being a Counselor. We are also going to give you training to prepare you for your experience.

If you are in college and are looking for internship opportunities before the start of camp, check out our Friends of West End College Internship Program and contact Ryan. West End’s slogan is ”When you’re one of the boys, you’re always one of the boys.” Alumni helping counselors is a way of giving back and is part of being “one of the boys.” Our extensive Alumni network is more than happy to help with this endeavor.

Employment Opportunities Available:

  • General Camp Counselors

A Day in the Life of a Counselor

If you are applying to be a camp counselor, be prepared for fun, friendship, and work. First bell goes off at 7:45am every day, followed by breakfast and cabin clean up. Two periods in the morning are followed by lunch, a free time period, and two activity periods in the afternoon. Sometimes a free swim follows afternoon activities, then dinner, evening activity, and our famous ”cake and milk” snack. at 8:30pm everyone must be back at the cabins followed by lights out at 10pm.

Several nights each week, counselors are assigned to remain in an assigned bunk ”on duty” to watch over campers. When not ”on duty” counselors will have a night to themselves to talk on the phone, work on their computers, spend time with fellow staff, or catch up on sleep.

Depending on your level as a counselor, you have a certain amount of full days off if you want to go home or do as you want.


2024 Season

June 18th – June 22nd: Camp setup week for all staff. We will be training you on How to be an Effective Counselor, CPR, AED, and Lifeguard training if this pertains to you. You will be getting to know your fellow staff members, getting familiar with camp, and help setup camp for the campers arrival.

June 23: Campers Arrive

August 10: Campers and Counselors not staying for Old Timers Week depart

August 11 – August 17: Old Timers Week. This is a time counselors who can or want to stay can work for our Alumni who attend camp every year to catch up. This is a great way to begin your relationships with West End Alumni, make extra money from tips, and really enjoy camp as it is a more relaxed environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there internet at camp?
  • A: In our staff lounge (Kezar Building) we have 2 computers with internet access that staff are able to use during their free time. We also have WiFi for those who bring their own computers
  • Q: If I have to take an online course, will there be time for met to complete classes?
  • A: Yes. There are chunks of times when you are not working where you would have time to complete an online course.
  • Q: Can I have a car at camp?
  • A: Senior Counselors are allowed to bring cars to camp.