West End House Camp is an overnight summer camp for boys, ages 7-15, which began in 1908.  We are located about two hours outside of Boston in the town of Parsonsfield, Maine, which is equidistant from Portland, Ogunquit, and Conway, NH. West End House Camp is on pristine Long Pond and has a stunning 5,000 feet of lakefront property.

Our goal is to get quality kids on board – making them part of the West End House Camp family for the long term. To achieve this, we strive to provide world-class facilities and activities at affordable prices. We are a private nonprofit, and our board of 32 members makes sure that we continue to stay one of the best camps in New England at any price.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to:

  • Operate and sustain a premier summer camp for boys from all backgrounds, regardless of their financial means.
  • Encourage development of lifelong friendships and bonds among our campers, staff, and alumni in order to form a supportive brotherhood.
  • Cultivate self-confident, independent campers who become engaged community members, contributors, and leaders of high character.


Tradition plays a major role in the history of West End House Camp. Whether a camper is a third or fourth generation West Ender or one whose family just recently discovered the camp, all campers are caught up with a sense of belonging to an organization with a long history of excellence. Inevitably, they all feel within them “the Spirit of the House,” an oft used phrase that describes the friendships, loyalty, and camaraderie that are always present. The tradition was started by our founder, James J. Storrow. His dream of creating a place where boys can live and learn in harmony is carried on in the same manner now as when the first group attended in 1908. The cooperative attitude among campers, the emphasis upon mutual respect, their feeling of loyalty to a great organization, and their desire, as adults, to give back to the organization that has had such a positive influence and impact on them are all immediately evident whenever WEHC alumni gather. When you come on board at West End House Camp, you join a family of friends who will be there with you and for you now and always!